Spring Clean Up

Image of woman with glass spray bottle and cleaning cloth
Photo by cottonbro

Most people don't realize that your essential oils have a shelf life. You may not realize it because you've probably been very good about using them. On the off chance you suddenly find a hidden bottle or maybe you decided to stock up and save, now is a good time to check those dates. 

Is it bad to use them after the date? Not necessarily but oxidation may have occurred or they could be less effective. Does that mean it has to go to waste? Absolutely not! Put those oils to work.
It's a great opportunity to make all natural cleaning products.

Floor cleaner - 

1 gallon hot water
¼ cup liquid Castile Soap
4 drops essential oil - Pine or a fir needle - use for sure if you choose the castile soap
4 drops essential oil - Peppermint
4 drops essential oil - Lavender
4 drops essential oil - Orange
2 drops essential oil - Cedarwood
2 drops essential oil - Lemongrass
2 drops essential oil - Tea tree

Just remember, they are natural products but they still need to be kept out of reach of children and pets.